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In the field of robotics, opportunity is endless and discovery is ongoing. Our robotic innovations could represent the answer to any number of challenges – from disaster response to deep space exploration. Whether it’s traversing inhospitable environments or avoiding man-made threats, the robotic advances we’re pioneering have the potential to keep soldiers and citizens connected in the safest way possible – with real-time data, information and imagery.

Our goal is to keep soldiers and citizens safe. As a first-responder, the Atlas robot could work tirelessly to provide vital support in the aftermath of disaster as well as collect and provide real-time data for emergency crews. Our K-Max unmanned helicopter replaces vulnerable convoys by delivering supplies to troops deployed on the front lines of combat.  And our unmanned aerial systems provide eyes and ears in areas too dangerous or remote for humans.

Our robotic solutions don’t necessarily replace humans; instead, they are working to achieve collaboration between a robot and its human operators. By augmenting the work of humans with robotic systems, we allow humans to be more efficient and effective in achieving their missions.

From urban neighborhoods to deep space, our systems can control and operate robots and unmanned vehicles. Our approach to controlling these systems allows for robots to be seamlessly integrated with human missions.



Robots to the Rescue